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Integrated E-Z Split Key Cups

  • No handling of the Urine
  • Leak-Proof Snap Top Lid
  • Integrated Temperature Strip
  • Auto-Split Sample for Specimen Integrity
  • No Dipping, Tilting, or Touching
  • Results in 5 minutes
The Integrated E-Z Split Key® Cup provides rapid screening in a convenient cup that targets up to 12 drugs of abuse. This rapid testing device requires minimal training & provides results in just 5 minutes. For added confidence, check out the Integrated E-S Split Key® Cup A.D. with built-in specimen validity test.
For professional in vitro diagnostic use only
  • Integrated cup screens for 3 - 12 prescription and illicit drugs
  • Integrated specimen validity combinations available: CR, GL, NI, OX, pH, SG
  • Begin testing at your convenience with unique key activator
  • Reserved split-specimen ideal for additional confirmation testing
The Integrated E-Z Split Key® Cup was the first immediate response on-site testing device to offer a compact, split specimen test kit that is not only easy to use, but is easy to administer. EZ Key Cup's split specimen design is an innovative drug test that eliminates urine handling and donor tampering; providing a unique and efficient approach for on-site testing. The Integrated E-Z Split Key® Cup allows you to run drug tests at your convenience. No more worries about having to read the test immediately after collecting the sample because of its compact and oval shape front and squared back, this drug test is easy to use for both men and women.
  • Collector Controlled VS Donor Controlled
  • Flat back for easy to copy results
  • U.S. FDA Cleared
  • CLIA Waived Options
  • Convenient hinged lid
The Integrated E-Z Split Key® Cup comes with a key for quick insertion and automatic split specimen creation. The key is simply entered into the test cup by inserting it into the side like pushing a button. This allows 2mL of urine to flow into the test chamber and initiate the test. Expect an accuracy level of up to 99%. If you are looking for an easy low maintenance drug testing product which produces an automatic split specimen for easy transport to the lab for confirmation of your test, this product will serve you well. Integrated E-Z Split Key® Cups come in boxes of 25 and with (optional) built-in adulteration test strips.


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    NEGATIVE:* A colored line appears in the Control region (C) and a colored line appears in the Test region (Drug/T) next to a specific drug tested. This negative result means that the drug concentrations in the urine sample are below the designated cut-off levels for a particular drug tested.
     *NOTE: The shade of the colored line(s) in the Test region may vary. The result should be considered negative whenever there is even a faint colored line.

     POSITIVE: A colored line appears in the Control region (C) and NO line appears in the Test region (Drug/T) next to the name of a specific drug tested. The positive result means that the drug concentration in the urine sample is greater than the designated cut-off for a specific drug.

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